Share The Seeds - Terms of Use

The goal of Share the Seeds (STS) is to facilitate the arranging of trades of seeds and live plants between gardeners and preservers, and to gather reliable information and experience from botanists, ethnobotanists and aficionados all over the world. STS is particularly focused on species with therapeutic, medicinal and/or psychoactive properties - species with ethnological significance. Sadly, some of these species and/or their active compounds are illegal in some countries, and others might be protected by international patent laws.

1. No Trading Illegal Materials. Only legal live plants, legal viable seeds and other legal gardening tools or equipment are acceptable for trading between users. Other items outside of gardening work, and particularly materials like dry plant matter, non-viable seeds, extracts or preparations are not acceptable materials for trade. Users are bound to know the laws and restrictions in their country or state of residence, and to follow them. Trading is done at users' discretion. STS has no control or responsibility over trades privately arranged between STS users.

2. No Discussion of Illegal Activities. This includes topics like trading or smuggling illegal goods and materials, and discussions about procuring, preparing or consuming scheduled compounds. The only exceptions are discussions about the historical, traditional use of plants containing scheduled compounds by the cultures that coexisted with them.

3. No Extraction Talk. Discussing methods of extraction of psycho-active substances from plant materials is not allowed in STS.

4. No Buying or Selling. Please keep money out of the talk. In the case you have to discuss the covering of shipping costs, do it privately.

- Respect, Contribute, and Share -

Thursday the 18th. 2013.