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Author Topic: Hello, grower from U.S. with Salvias from Turkiye and Central/South America  (Read 1866 times)


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Hello from U.S. hardiness zone 6.

I am interested in Salvia and Artemisia species with documented or possible medicinal or spiritual application and the same for Lamiaceae and Asteraceae families overall.

Right now, I am about to pot several Salvia seedlings including S. absconditiflora (=cryptantha), amplexicaulis, recognita, verticillata, and yosgadensis. I’m attempting to germinate S. glutinosa, heldreighiana, potentillifolia, and tomentosa. I’m currently caring for full grown S. concolor, discolor, and elegans plants in pots and have S. azurea, lyrata, and reflexa in the ground.

I hope to hear from others growing Turkish and Central/South American Salvia species. I finally have a proper commercial greenhouse I will try keeping the plants in over the Winter this year (instead of my tent) and will put some of the Turkish ones in the ground next Spring in a rock garden.

Zone 6 in the U.S.

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