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Author Topic: living fences, grafting pomagranites to crape myrtle, long-term projects  (Read 160 times)


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very commonly planted along roadsides, restaurants, and every=where.
(today i collected a bunch of myrtle seeds from a hotel parking lot, that i will start this project with)

C.myrtles tend to naturally graft to themselves very easily; they would be perfect for making living fences!
i found one example of someone trying this, but said "she got bored and stopped after about three years."

by chance i found this interesting post where someone has successfully grafted pomegranates to crape myrtle..

So if the fence was successful and even if not, i eventually could graft pomegranates on top.
we have both the pomegranate and myrtle trees already, poms almost never produce though,
so i might try a grafting experiment soon, though that will be better to wait until spring time.

weeping willow is another potentially good living fence/structure.. i'd like to try it but i need to find some willows.

sorry  i got carried away with the pictures, they are just so cool looking, maybe i'll update in twenty years from now :D
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