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Author Topic: [STS] Gardening Library  (Read 4035 times)


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[STS] Gardening Library
« on: June 09, 2013, 09:45:16 pm »

The Gardening Library

1. Introduction

This thread will collect useful reference documents about gardening. Topics include vegetative propagation, seedling and plant care, soil management, fertilization and other relevant subjects. For documents specifically about Seeds or Seed Propagation please refer to The Seed Library, and for either sharing or finding specific plants information, please visit the Botanical Information section.

To our knowledge, all the documents posted here can be distributed without restrictions, so please let us know if you see anything that should not be here.

2. Adding Books and References
  • This section is to post and store books and documents. If you want to share an external resource (article link, video stream, online tutorial, etc.) or if you want to recommend a book, please do so in the Gardening Resources and Links subforum.
  • Materials restricted by copyright are not allowed.
  • Please post title and some basic information if possible (author/source, year, a little description or an abstract when available) and attach the document/s to your post. This also applies to small papers and journal publications, please add them as attachments instead of pasting their contents inside of your post.
  • Up to five attachments are allowed per post. Again, PDFs are awesome :)

3. Index of Contents

- Manual - Tree Nursery Establishment for Small Holder Farmers

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Re: [STS] Gardening Library
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2013, 09:51:53 pm »

Manual - Tree Nursery Establishment for Small Holder Farmers
Fransiskus Harum, Søren Moestrup (Copenhaguen University, 2010)

1.     Reasons for Establishing your own Nursery
2.    Where should the Nursery be Established?
3.     How many Seedlings shall be Produced?
4.     How do you Establish a Small Nursery?
   4.1. How do you design a farmer nursery?   
   4.2. Equipment & material   
5.     Species Selection and Seed Handling
   5.1. Tree species selection
   5.2. How many seeds will be required
   5.3. Seed collection   
   5.4. Seed storage   
   5.5. Seed pretreatment   
6.     Nursery Management and Maintenance   
   6.1. Prepare the sowing beds   
   6.2. Seed sowing   
   6.3. Pest and desease control   
   6.4. Transfer the seedling to poly bags   
   6.5. Prepare the mixed media   
   6.6. Type of containers recommended   
   6.7. Fill the mixed media in the container   
   6.8. Placement of seedlings in nursery   
   6.9. Nursery maintenance   
   6.10. When will the seedling be ready for planting   
7.     Annual Work Plan for Nursery Establishment   
8.     Flow chart of nursery activity   

Annex 1. Manual on nursery establishment for some tree species   
Annex 2. Seed pretreatment of some tree and fruit species


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Re: [STS] Gardening Library
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2019, 07:14:59 am »

this manuals a nice brief checklist.... love it .... made me have a good look at my set up and see some areas that i could rethink.....its alota constant work and maintenance.... sooooo rewarding tho ..........this month ive been propagating the Brugmansias...their structure and flow is amazing.... from an artist and horticulturalists perspective is sublime....who wouldn't appreciate and adore their form reminiscent of Art Nouveau....floaty lines juxtaposed by intense textural variation xxxxx thank you for the posts...Catara