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Author Topic: Producing viable hybrid seeds through grafting and cross pollination  (Read 235 times)


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Hey community, first off thank you all for the information put together on sts. I've enjoyed my research on here so much but I'm left with a question I haven't found a direct answer to. I read that any time there is a graft performed between two plants that they trade small amounts of genes.

1) if I were to graft multiple lophs between two trichocereus multiple times would there be more uptake of the troch genes into the loph and vice versa with each transfer?

2) after enough graft transfers, would you be able to cross pollinate the lophs or trichs and produce a seed with characteristics of both the loff and the trich?

Keywords from posts that bring me to these questions, chimerism, hybridization, gene transfer, grafting. Thanks in advance, I look forward to hearing your opinions or ideas, as well as any additional information you can provide. Happy gardening