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Author Topic: Terrarium, white mold ID  (Read 4490 times)


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Terrarium, white mold ID
« on: April 09, 2023, 02:37:58 AM »

Hello everyone,

I’ve had most of these plants for years and recently almost killed them all when I updated my terrarium. Still not sure if it was light burn or if I accidentally sprayed something bad onto my plants. I have several bottles I use for the terrarium and some fungi that I’ve grown in the past too but this bottle I sprayed on my plants has a smell I’d never smelled before. Like a soap or oil mixture but it was clear in color. After building the terrarium it wasn’t holding humidity good enough so I supplemented with a spray bottle until I could seal it better.  Anyway every leaf on all the plants except the pitcher plant dropped. But they’ve all come back except one mango tree that I had started from seed years earlier.

Plants in terrarium:
P. Viridis
P. Alba
Mimosa Tenuiflora 
Pitcher plant

The leaves have since started to come back. The pics were taken today.

12/12 light full spectrum vipar spectra LED.
Humidifier pulls outside air in estimated every 10 min slowly. Set to 65 RH
Temps 70-80F.

I found one fungus gnat in there recently so I treated the soil with gnaterol. Sprinkled some on top of soil and watered some in at 1T per gal. but these plants don’t need much due to the higher humidity.

When leaves dropped soil was more wet than usual and I started to see the white growth on the soil.

I’ve used happy frog fertilizer by fox farm but not much and it has beneficial enzymes of some kind, can’t remember off the top of my head. 

I can see where the P Alba has split and there is white growth inside the split.  the Alba stem has discolored darker. The other plants look good and don’t seem to be effected. All of these ola ta need to be reported but I’m afraid to add more stress right now unless I have too.

The soil has white grown. The tan you might see on top of soil is gnaterol. The photos almost make the white look green like thrich but in person I don’t see green.

Looking for a ID. Is it good or bad growth? Any solutions?



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Re: Terrarium, white mold ID
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2023, 12:44:34 AM »

I don't know anything about the spray, but one of the challenges with these plants, if I am not mistaken, is being able to provide a humid environment while also avoiding overwatering.

Wet soil is undesirable, it can prevent the roots from breathing.

I associate white mold on wet soil with overwatering and or lack of drainage in most cases.
However I do not have much experience growing these species.

I'd like to try growing several Psychotria species in the future so I would like to see how this develops and what it takes for the plants to thrive for you.
Your loss.