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Author Topic: greenhouse design improvements  (Read 2555 times)


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greenhouse design improvements
« on: March 04, 2022, 12:21:30 PM »

i live in UK and i built a simple, small greenhouse last summer, about 1m x 2m, ~2.5m high. i built a wood frame and i used Polyethylene plastic sheeting for windows.
i added bubble wrap to all sides and the roof and used it over winter to keep my cacti in but the humidity was very high. most of the time it was over 80%. everything seems to have survived but my T. bridgesii has grown some black spines and i could tell it was not happy so the environment definitely needs to be improved for next winter.
i also think the bubble wrap was over kill this winter but that is another topic.

the greenhouse has no vents installed, so i was thinking about doing that, but was wondering if this would actually make things worse and allow more moisture to enter the greenhouse? (UK is very wet). or if it would drop the temperatures too much, to the point where i have to add artificial heating?

it is worth noting the floor of the greenhouse is raised above the concrete it is sat on and it is just wood planks with a membrane layer of some plastic sheeting i had lying around, almost tarp like, but more breathable.

any suggestions on how to improve this to keep humidity down and temps up?

thank you