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Author Topic: Cold Group Brugmansia Cutting Propagation  (Read 3072 times)


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Cold Group Brugmansia Cutting Propagation
« on: April 27, 2020, 08:06:29 PM »

I want to send out a few cuttings of my Vulsa (alleged Vulcanicola/Sanguinea cross) brugmansia, I grew it over last season and it overwintered well in the green house and grew to a respectable size, and now is in the ground in a protected nook of my property, but I suspect it will not fare well with the hot summer and I want to work on propagating it.  I've found warm group bruggies to be easy to propagate, just chop a stalk and stick in the ground for next season, but I'd read somewhere else that cold group brugmansia propagate differently, perhaps by non-woody growth.  I could also theoretically air layer them, but it's a technique I've never actually tried.

TL;DR How does one propagate cold group brugmansia cuttings?
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