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Author Topic: Crossing P. Alba w/ P. Nervosa  (Read 24204 times)


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Re: Crossing P. Alba w/ P. Nervosa
« Reply #15 on: September 15, 2013, 08:34:58 PM »

Just like to throw my two cents in the mix

Lets look at two plants black nightshade and your garden tomato
Solanum nigrum - nightshade
Solanum lycopersicum - tomato

So generaly speaking crssbreeding refers to crossing between two of the same species for favorable trats
Ex. You have a small sweet yellow tomato plant and a large robust flavor red tomato plant you can cross them
and try to get a large yellow fruit with robust flav

Now throw the nightshade in the mix with the tomato... they are both the same genus but different species
Now again generaly speaking you will not be able to cross the two and end up with a poisonous yellow tomato
Because they are two different species even though they are extremely close relitives

But since they are so close in relation there is an EXTREMELY RARE chance that the polin or stamin of one or the
other has a genetic mutation that would allow a fruit with seeds to be produced now this fruit will not
be a poisonous tomato because the the genetics for the nightshade would be stored in the seeds not the resulting fruit

Taking the seeds from this (neer impossible) fruit and planting them you would find that
A. They do not germinate
B. They germinate and die fast
C. They germinate grow and produce no fruit
D. They germinate grow and produce fruit with no viable seeds
E. They germinate grow and produce fruit with some good seeds
A being the most common answer and E being the most rare

Please note that for most cases and plants this fruit itself may take thousands of tries before it happens and
the resulting seeds will almost aloways be dead from the start... but there is aloways that strange chance
that mother nature threw a curve ball at you and you can get that 1/10^800 chance lol (not an accurate stat)
but this is so rare infact that ive not even been able to find much documentation about it and if someone was to
want really altered plants or traits they would be better off radiating seeds to cause mutations which if i recal
correctly has about a 1/1000000 chance that the seed will have a mutation

Just like to mention that i am not a trained expert and have have very limited experience with this subject so
please feel free to correct me if im wrong
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