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Author Topic: Growing Peyote Seeds?  (Read 934 times)


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Growing Peyote Seeds?
« on: March 05, 2019, 08:53:15 pm »

So I have gotten some L. Williamsii var. Texana seeds, and was wondering how specific the conditions need to be to grow them. I planted them in a pot with wet, warm (was hot at first but cooled before i planted) soil, and i covered them in a plastic bag. i've read that i need to leave the seeds in the cold at night, and i've been leaving them in front of an open window (i live near toronto, it's freezing right now). Is this too cold? I planted them last Sunday (24 Feb 2019). How long should it take for them to sprout? Is there anything that stood out that i did wrong?


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Re: Growing Peyote Seeds?
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2019, 10:39:37 pm »

Here’s how I do it...

Coco coir sifted through a strainer so there’s no big chunks a peat like consistency roughly

A clear lid is best but any color will work. Colored lids equal slower growth ime. I use a container 4-5” tall with 2” or so of coco. I use coco cause I don’t like mold and algae. Coco is void of nutrients however so some type of light fertilizer must be used or slow growth will occur over prolonged period of time. It’s a fair exchange imo.

High humidity for at least 3-6 months once they come outta the humidity they have to be slowly acclimated to drier conditions if they go from 100% humidity to 40% in one day they’ll get upset and turn red

Put a cfl super close to them if grown indoors. Use a heat mat to get better germination rates not sure I’ve heard old is good for cacti seedlings most use heat mats

If your not usIng indoor lighting then a window ceil should do or people do leave them outside I believe but only when they’re protected by a 30-40% shade cloth I think??? I’m not entirely sure about my window ceil advice and the 30-40% shade cloth advice might need 60% I’ve never grown from seed outdoors only indoors. Last year I put my seedlings outside while in a humidity dome still I was worried they might get burnt or get too hot from having a cover on the container and being outside but I only left them out few hours at a time prob one hour to start they loved it got nice and plump but be careful watch them close