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Title: Other Hobbies
Post by: xlcor on September 12, 2020, 09:37:16 pm
Hello friends!

What other hobbies do my fellow seedians get up to? What resources are helpful as introductions to these hobbies?

I enjoy juggling, and I highly recommend The Library of Juggling ( for learning its art. Aside from juggling, I like to read, watch movies, hike, and alter my consciousness.
Title: Re: Other Hobbies
Post by: SallysMintGarden on September 12, 2020, 11:12:12 pm
Hey xlcor :)

My other hobbies have taken a dive since the pandemic but I hope to get back to them more soon! However not all is bad as the gardening has been more of a focus lately!
Jugglings cool, a lot of my friends are into it, Ive not done much myself but have done lots of other circus like stuff like staff spinning and slacklining. Juggling takes a lot of practise, and you're right it is an art. A good juggler is very impressive.

Back before the world fell apart and I was able to do more contact sports I did things like partner stunting and acro yoga. A lot of my hobbies are pretty physical, I like to do a lot of sports.
And then some more chill activities I like to do are fires down the beach in the evenings, camping, hiking, a lot of outdoorsy stuff really. These activities are very important to me, they ground me a lot.

I also went to the gym regularly to assist with my sports. I use to enjoy the gym for itself and use to train for weightlifting competitions some years a go but I grew tired of it as it became more of a chore. I much prefer going to the park and playing around doing handstands and whatever else now.

As for how to get into these things and resources... I started doing my own stunting after I went to some cheerleading classes for a couple of years and got some basics there. I also use to go to open adult gymnastics sessions where you could train whatever you liked and if you wanted to you could ask a member of staff for help with new tricks if needed. Slacklining I just went to the local spots down the beach / parks and joined in with anyone there. Most of what I've done I've just joined in and learnt from whoever was about I guess :)

This is me without the edited out face lifting one of my stunt partners from over the years :)

Title: Re: Other Hobbies
Post by: Shamichael on September 12, 2020, 11:23:46 pm
Wow guns!  Juggling is cool, I can only do three objects or two with one hand.  I love hiking, yoga, gardening and reading as well.
Title: Re: Other Hobbies
Post by: SallysMintGarden on September 23, 2020, 05:43:23 pm
Wooo I had my 1st gym session back since lockdown started in the UK in March.
I actually really enjoyed being back, the break has helped spark my enjoyment for it again.

Another hobby of mine which I forgot to mention is foraging. And talking about this, the mushroom season is starting up here in the UK. If there are any members around the Dorset / Hampshire area who would like to meet up to do some foraging let me know. I know some good spots for some edible mushrooms :D
Title: Re: Other Hobbies
Post by: foo25amc on September 24, 2020, 03:47:02 pm
That looks rather impressive SallysMintGarden!

Foraging is something I'm attempting to get into myself. So far I've limited myself to photographing what I find due to a limited knowledge of what's edible, and the fact I've not yet (but am determined to) acquire a taste for mushrooms. On a relatively short walk last weekend, I came across at least 10 species of mushroom and got some nice photos, although I've yet to take the time to identify them all. On the way back to the car my partner spotted a few Shaggy Inkcaps in the distance, which was an excellent end to the day as they're just so striking!

I picked up 'Food for Free' and 'Mushrooms' from the Collins Gem book series, as well as a copy of 'Fascinated by Fungi' by Pat O'Reilly to get me started.

I also enjoy anything automotive related, electronics/tech related projects, 3D printing, and playing music - guitar, bass, and in particular, the bodhran.


Title: Re: Other Hobbies
Post by: SallysMintGarden on September 24, 2020, 08:38:27 pm
You take some incredible photos!

I also have Mushrooms from the Collins Gem series and then the larger version of Food for Free. Both great books!
Another brilliant one I'd recommend is Mushrooms by Roger Phillips which is a very detailed book for identification. I found the Colins gem book to be handy whilst out and then the Roger Philips one for when Im back home for if I want to look anything up further. I heard it was meant to be The book for mushroom identification on some of the foraging groups I'm in so I purchased a copy and it did not disappoint.

I will snag some photos when I go out next with what I find :)
Title: Re: Other Hobbies
Post by: foo25amc on September 25, 2020, 11:00:37 am
Very kind, thank you. I finally got my hands on an older DSLR, so I'm hoping to make good use of it to document my nature-related activities.

I had originally considered the Roger Phillips book, and probably will grab a physical copy at some point. I have the eBook if you have any use for it. I don't use it, but found a copy when deciding on which desk copy to buy. It appears to be very comprehensive indeed, no doubt more so than O'Reilly, however I'd used Pat O'Reilly's website ( quite a bit before, and his book includes more information about history, different environments, how fungi are classified, how to photograph them, microscopy, etc, as well as the traditional reference information for most species found in the UK and Ireland. It's more story-like in some ways and quite jovial - nice to read whilst unwinding in the evening.

I look forward to seeing what you find :) I may pick a new spot to explore this weekend and see what I can unearth. It's started to get much more chilly this week however I've noticed!
Title: Re: Other Hobbies
Post by: North3rnBoy on November 03, 2020, 05:06:41 pm
Well for me I am lucky enough to reside in Northern Ontario, spend much of my time hunting and fishing but more than that it is getting out and being one with nature!  Where I call my stomping grounds we don't have many cell  towers and little satellite communication, your best bet is topographical maps and a plain old compass to have a enjoying day in the bush and hopefully not a rescue situation.  I advise anyone who wants to explore the wilderness to go in prepared for the worst possible outcome.

Title: Re: Other Hobbies
Post by: lelouch420 on November 07, 2020, 09:10:30 am
Nice pictures foo, how do what's your camera setup?
Title: Re: Other Hobbies
Post by: Annex_Alpha on February 01, 2021, 05:08:31 am
It's nice to see other people have the Food for Free book and that other people from the UK post here.  I will be using my copy a bit more in a couple of months hopefully.

I'm a computer and gaming junkie, when im not snowed under with college work.  I also ride motorbikes, do long distance trekking (sometimes), climbing and love camping.  Unfortunately for now I cant do any of that due to lockdown. ;)
Title: Re: Other Hobbies
Post by: jbz711 on February 01, 2021, 06:13:01 pm
In no particular order: chickens, guinea hens, aquaculture, pig, bees, heliculture, basic woodworking, Ultimate Frisbee, bicycling, modernist cooking, sourdough baking, fermentation, chemistry, video games, tabletop games with emphasis on social deduction.
Title: Re: Other Hobbies
Post by: SCoffen on February 06, 2021, 05:06:49 am
I've been in between hobbies and restlessly searching for some new ones during this pandemic. I'm a person that requires constant motion literally and figuratively so it's been tough mentally being so limited in what I can do/where I can go. If I had to choose though I'd say my favorite hobby though is backpacking when I can. Not insane distances but 30-50 miles in a few days usually. I hope to hike the Appalachian Trail at some point Probably as an old man when my daughter is grown haha. When I don't have time to devote to a whole trip I genuinely enjoy just being alone in the woods or somewhere remote and observing what's around me. I memorize what grows in my favorite spots, what's new, what's dying etc etc and take a lot of photos of everything. There's comfort in getting to know a place down to every little leaf and mushroom.
Title: Re: Other Hobbies
Post by: RatsboggleBiological on March 23, 2021, 12:52:22 am
I'm delving deeper into cooking and food prepping.

Recently picked up a recurve bow to get into shooting!  need to get a smaller 20-25lb bow because I am too weak for the 30 and 40lb limbs on the recurve! Haha. Just bought cheap arrows on amazon, and a Samick Sage. Also from amazon but the company for the bow has switch to Southwest Archery, so go buy from their site or their amazon. I just found some cheap arrows and other gear and found an archery range near me. So so SO much fun, socially distanced, I highly recommend it as a hobby. The Samick Sage is reasonably priced.

I want to get into hydroponics but I don't know enough or have enough money for pumps, ferts, etc... been sticking to simple and cheap hobbies! Haha. Beekeeping would be amazing, but I dont have a place for bees yet. I have some old EC-1118 yeast for brewing... but I'm not interested right now.

I love a good Survival Minecraft game. I would love to play Minecraft with some plant and seed heads!