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Author Topic: G'Day from Australia...anyone else here on the same continent as me?  (Read 87 times)


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Hi,  how's everyone going?  GREAT I hope!  I am ok...wondering where all the time went as per usual.  I joined up a while back - but my life is too much so I got lost for a while!  I really dig this site - but am a little concerned that not much trade will be able to take place due to my location.  Is anyone else on the same continent as me - Australia?  ....or anywhere close? 

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Welcome! I'm pretty sure there's probably others from Australia here. Only one I know for sure is fairdinkumseeds. Great dude totally worth getting to know.
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Same here Indigo Rose, I registered a couple years back n apparently never bothered replying to the verification email like a fool.
Anyways im out in australia too and always happy to do some trading.
and does anyone know what im supposed to write for shultes alma mater security question? its so frustrating


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We can probably trade seeds to/from Aus here in US. I guess I don't know how intense customs is down there, but usually average paper letters aren't checked too thoroughly.

I know I've received seeds from Aus without problem.

Anyhow, welcome aboard  :)