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Author Topic: Help with unknown Psychotria- Is this Psychotria colorata?  (Read 70 times)


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Help with unknown Psychotria- Is this Psychotria colorata?
« on: August 14, 2019, 10:45:29 pm »

In 2012 I got two leafs of Psychotria colorata from a nice person. One of these leaves rooted and with the time I had many small plants which I distributed bit by bit. Among the shops and people who received leaves or plants from me was my friend Ralf Vogtel who now has probably the largest planting outside of South America in Ghana with this Psychotria. Many of the plants distributed everywhere today originate from him. This is a wonderful story if you know that all these plants come from only one leaf.

However, this story has a Catch. The flowers of my plants don't match the pictures you can find on google. In contrast to my white flowers ones these are like the fruits purple. A very closely related species to P.colorata, P. rosea also has colored similar looking flowers which makes the colored flowers seen from colorata on google more credible.That's why I started researching to solve the mystery. Besides P. colorata there are other psychotria that contain opioids and come from South America like Psychotria brachypoda and other. Therefore it is not impossible that it is a different species. The only thing certain is that the leaves of my plants are definitely opioid. The pictures I found point to Psychotria ernestii. Unfortunately I found nowhere information whether in this kind of Psychotria Opioid contain.

The person from whom I received my leaves about the SAB Forum I found him and he told me that he received them from a member with name Jeroen from a former forum with name Sacred Plant. Unfortunately he could not tell me more. My question now is if I can use the swarm knowledge from here and the people who also cultivate colorata can tell me how it is about the flowers and the appearance of their plants. I know that some have had their plants longer than where I started distributing my genetics internationally by the end of 2016. It would be good if I could be told which source their plants come from. No real name and address don't interest me. Gladly also about PM. I would like to publish the result of my research so that the knowledge is widely shared and I would be very happy if this secret could be finally uncovered. We have here people from Brazil and other Countrys in south america who can even maybe say more about what it is and can contribute more information.

I have consciously run the pictures over a hoster so that they are easier to recognize. Later i can run them over the forum to archive them.

Pictures of Psychotria colorata on google.

From Kew Gareden

My „P.colorata“

Unfortunately i have no picture of flowers of my plant. They look like those of P. alba or better like those of Psychotria ernestii which confirms the suspicion that they is really are P. ernestii. But what about is with the opioid effect?

Psychotria ernestii.

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