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Author Topic: Yopo and mapacho germination  (Read 230 times)


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Yopo and mapacho germination
« on: October 23, 2018, 09:51:59 pm »

germination of tobacco seeds and yopo
 germination of yopo seeds (anadenanthera colubrina)
 starting from the pods or pods collection you have to know your ripening point is correct, the pods are fine when they are swollen and have reached a thickness of 4 mm, a width of 3 cm and a length between 6 and 14 cm

 then let them dry until the pods are black.
you open them with great care and select the pods as if they were coins
 prepares pasteurized or sanitized coconut peat without bacteria (usually attacked by fungi)
and let cool. you deposit the seeds nailed in the ground until the middle, with its coin eye covered, and sprinkle dust kills ant to facilitate its germination (usually attacked and food of ants) so that in the space of about four days you have the seeds finally germinated

starting from its collection it is necessary to select green and brown pods, which are not too mature as they would be contaminated with brown powder from the selection milling,
 Pods should be carefully selected that have not yet opened.
 Harvesting should only affect the spike of the plant, not any other structure
 Storage should be done in small bottles

for its germination it is necessary to prepare a mixture of hummus and coconut peat 80-20%
  sprinkle the seeds as if to throw
sprinkle the seeds as if you were cooking your potatoes on the surface and kept hydrated or covered with a moisture dome ..
after about 3 weeks you already have the seeds

I have seeds available, for sale or for exchange can pm me
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Re: Yopo and mapacho germination
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