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Author Topic: Cloning Tips  (Read 189 times)


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Cloning Tips
« on: August 12, 2018, 09:09:28 pm »

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to mention that I have recently tried cutting clone plants from my original Indo (Kratom) tree (probably about a week ago), and so far it's working quite well! The tips I wanted to offer, are that when cutting a branch from the original plant, make sure that A) there are nodes on the portion of the plant you cut off that will propagate new growth (don't try just cutting off a leaf), B) when cutting the new clone, ensure that you make a long incision up through the stem to allow for a lot of surface area to apply the cloning gel to, so that the likelihood of the new plant forming roots increases (I've found that using paint scraping razors work well for this part) and C) you can tell if the clones are starting to grow roots or not by looking at the part of the stem that was cut off-it will look like there's a white kind of mildew there-but that's a sign that the roots are starting to form. I've also found that the clones I took that are working better were either cut a bit longer than the others-maybe 2 inches or so-or they had thicker stems.

I hope this helps! :)

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