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Author Topic: Using ga3 on vegetables (and other plants)  (Read 331 times)


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Using ga3 on vegetables (and other plants)
« on: June 07, 2018, 05:56:48 pm »


I procured some 90 % technical grade gibberallic acid recent;y with the main objective in mind being to increase germination rates.

I realized soon after that it can be/is used for many different stage of growth and seems to have multiple purposes for use. Apparently is can even induce a trichocereus, and I'm assuming many other cacti, to grow pups!

I am trying to figure out just how to use this to increase growth in my vegetable garden and maybe other perennials I have in the yard to such as rhododendrons and arborvitaes, some of which my mom has been growing for years.

I am mainly focused on increasing growth on some of my veggies such as peppers , tomatoes, broccoli , kale and cabbage etc. I am especially interested in using it on some of the smaller ones that seem to be stunted.

So yesterday I used a solution that I don't think was very concentrated, maybe about 50mg added to a .8 liter solution of water, and sprayed most of the veggies in the yard on mostly just the tops of them. I didn't use the whole bottle. Then I fed them with 24-8-16 and water them very much. At night I sort of rinsed off the plants a bit in case there was any ga3 left on them.  Today they look very healthy! They are much green and most of them seem to be much more perky and it looks like a few have even grown a bit over night..

So... What I'm wondering is how do you use this stuff? I've tried to find some information but I am mostly just turning up studies on specific plants.

Does anyone have any advice?

Thank you for reading and hope everything is going well! 
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